Open Studio

“Closed at the moment”
Meet Rosina Gaudio

Visit the exhibition.

Design your own souvenir.

Have you collected amazing memories in our forests or in our waters, to make memorable and meaningful keepsakes?

Be supported and inspired by Rosina, use her tools and space.

Beautiful walks in our forests, all this sometimes makes us see more than just a piece of wood, a root lying around or a branch lying on the ground. Did you pick up a reminder?

Do you feel more than just wood? Let Rosina help you to make something more out of this piece of wood, from the root or from the stone. You are welcome to book Rosina.

Visit her studio and benefit from her knowledge and using her tools and space.

You have colors, brushes, modeling clay and lot of more available.

Terms of participation and prices:

– Book directly through Airbnb

– Or contact Rosina for a workshop appointment !

– 4 hours workshop Euro 25.-
– Every additional hour Euro 5.-
– Spontaneous visits are welcome
– Visiting the exhibition is free
– Included: Equipment, biscuits, water, coffee, tea

– The finished art you take with you !!!

Example artworks with 4 working hours:

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